Sebastian Greenwood

About Sebastian Greenwood: Born in 1976, on the 26th of December, Sebastian Greenwood developed into a strong leader when it comes to business implementations, having occupied two manager-type positions, as well as two CEO ones in the time-span of only ten years.

Highly motivated and detail oriented, Sebastian Greenwood gained the basis of all of his experience through the cosmopolitan education he received, having studied in Sweden, the USA, Germany and the UK.

His educational track proved to be an ascending pathway to success, crowned by a BA with honours in International Business and Management at London’s European Business School. Owing to his rich experience in the domain, directing an organization through a specific strategy is Sebastian’s forte, but he also specializes in transactions, as well as in the sales and marketing departments of a business.

Having spent more than ten years in understanding the successful implementation and execution of business plans, this talented businessman is also a polyglot, demonstrating native-type knowledge of Swedish and English, but also good mastery of German and Spanish.

Sebastian Greenwood

Sebastian Greenwood

Furthermore, Sebastian Greenwood worked in Singapore, Sweden, Germany and Cyprus, which gives him today a panoramic perspective of what the global market behaves like, of how to adapt to different cultural backgrounds and of various team-building approaches that motivate the people he works with.

Amongst his less known skills and achievements, one will find that he is familiar with Microsoft Office and Excel and able to work both on Mac OS and Windows platforms. Sebastian has made it a point in his life to learn about other cultures and to work together with individuals from various parts of the world, which makes him a diplomatic asset to any business or management position.

He proved this both in KPMG and in Stepventure PTE LTD, where he occupied sales and transaction-related posts, conducting financial analyses, evaluating investment opportunities and directing joint-venture business transactions and collaborations between manufacturers and other companies.

Of course, Sebastian’s life was not only about business. His interests span from architecture and modern art to tennis, golf and diving. He is rated as an Advanced Open Water Diver, whereas his culinary culture means he is always updated with the international wine and food scene. Although apparently less significant, these qualities are essential for the backstage of any business.

All in all, Sebastian Greenwood is a great asset both to any upcoming business, having proven himself a seasoned and confident leader, and to a company looking to reinforce and renew a cohesive team. He always looks to find the neglected elements of a plan and focuses on strengthening them and providing his team with a balance that is usually difficult to obtain.

Sebastian Greenwood is accustomed to being a pivotal point in the organization he is involved with, as his goal is to combine everyone’s resources in an efficient and pleasant manner towards fulfilling the macro-goal of the group. Should you ever get in touch, you will find that he is very good at what he does.

Sebastian Greenwood – Flawless Professional

Before getting to know Sebastian Greenwood, one almost undoubtedly has the impression that he is a flawless professional, a workaholic businessman that constantly makes it his goal to have positive results, and the best ones at that. That is true. However, there is also another side to his personality, one that is rarely shown at his workplace, but that has a great influence on his work-ethic.

Behind the impeccable aspect and behaviour Sebastian Greenwood manifests in his work environment, he is a heartfelt individual with a keen interest towards anthropology and culture. He’s made it one of his life’s goals to have contact with and understand various cultures around the world, constantly trying to appreciate the value of human tradition and beliefs.

Moreover, Sebastian found that people that do not share the same perspective can still work together if the right attitude is upheld and he proved this as early as his time with Mediahead AB in Stockholm.

Through his personal experience in learning and working with individuals that come from different parts of the world, Sebastian successfully managed a team of full time employees, creating two media channels, both online and offline in the retail industry.During his stay with this group in Stockholm, he focused on marketing schemes and approaches, formulating two complete strategies for two different products, as well as successfully managing them at the same time.

Sebastian Greenwood believes that the most interesting and rewarding aspect of his character is the fact that he enjoys working with other people, trait which has proven to be invaluable to his work experience.

Nowadays, he is the owner and co-founder of an independent group oriented towards payment solutions and brokering and also provides consultancy and transaction management facilities. Both as a character and as a fundamental trait of his work-personality, he sustains that patience and attention to detail are central aspects of any business. He noticed early on in his life that in this manner, efficiency is increased between individuals working together.

Outside of his work environment, you’ll find Sebastian Greenwood on the tennis court, expressing the same desire to compete, along with an ever increasing ambition to win.

Although it doesn’t happen often, he manages to somehow transform any loss into a gain. His life-philosophy is that losing allows you to understand more about yourself and what happened, giving you the unique opportunity to find out and improve your weaker aspects. It is this mentality that has helped him acquire and successfully occupy two directorial positions in less than 8 years.

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